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Translational Applied Demography

A Partnership of UW-Madison's Applied Population Laboratory and WisContext

About the Project

Our vision is foster public engagement with critical social issues affecting Wisconsin today. We serve timely, issue-focused social science research to Wisconsin residents on a popular news media partner site, The contents of our reports target five key social issues affecting Wisconsin residents: health and health disparities, rural life, the electorate, aging, and jobs.

Our project draws on the immediacy of public radio journalism, the longer form journalistic story-telling of public television and the graphical presentation of data-rich stories via web-based interactive media. It leverages the knowledge base of our University to empower Wisconsin residents through greater understanding of complex and timely social issues, promote a more engaged populace and achieve the Wisconsin Idea.

This is a partnership between the Applied Population Laboratory (APL), a respected multidisciplinary research/outreach social science group on the UW-Madison campus, and WisContext, a digital news provider, a broadcast partnership of Wisconsin Public Radio and Television and UW Extension, and a syndication platform. The project is funded by the UW-Madison's Provost's Office via a 3-year Baldwin Wisconsin Idea grant.

Our Publications

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