Services and Research

Demographic Estimates and Projections

Our demographic specialists can develop estimates and projections at a variety of scales, from local to national. The APL team has particular expertise in helping school districts plan for the future with enrollment projections. Our goal is to not only produce estimates and projections products, but to help our clients understand past and current trends and to prepare for a changing demographic future.

Geographic Data Analysis

The APL staff uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other spatial analytic tools to support a better understanding of the social world. The APL is a campus leader in analysis of geographic aspects of populations' health and well-being.

Support for Data Access

Providing direct education and outreach are critical to APL's mission. The APL staff disseminate data on population and trends, census programs, and the tools and techniques of applied demography.

Web and Graphic Design

The APL helps clients to visualize and explore datasets with custom web applications or tell a data-driven story with the help of traditional and interactive graphics.

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